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Pop Life Global发布多款故宫主题潮流艺术品

2019-04-25 11:14 来源:

On April 23, 2019

Summer Palace, Beijing

Pop Life Global, one of the world's leading merchandise and creative companies, together with Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company LTD and the USA based DC Comics, jointly released several cross-border collectibles, fashion and artworks with the theme of the Royal Palace Museum integrating modern innovation concepts with history and culture.

4月23日消息,全球领先的潮流文化创意公司Pop Life Global今日联合北京故宫宫苑文化发展有限公司以及美国DC漫画,共同发布数款以故宫皇家文化为主题的跨界潮流艺术品,将现代创新理念与历史文化相融合。


In the past year, with the release of blockbuster movies Wonder Woman, Aquaman and other DC comic series movies, DC heroes are rapidly emerging and winning more and more fans attention and love. Inspired by the Forbidden City culture and the armor of ancient Chinese warriors and soldiers, the event released several trendy art pieces with the Imperial Palace Royal Culture and DC Superheroes, including Superman in the court armor, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, and other superhero figures. At the same time, it also released a variety of fashion, toys and officially licensed products designed with the Imperial Palace, including the 12 Zodiac vinyls, clothing, bags, mobile phone cases, pillows and more, combining modern innovation concepts with history and culture to pay tribute to China's 5,000-year history and culture.




The event commenced with Mr. Tan Bin, former party secretary of the Palace Museum and executive vice president. Mr. Tan Bin said that the Imperial Palace was founded in 1420 and will celebrate her 600th anniversary next year. We hope that through the spread of the culture and art of the Imperial Palace, we can help future generations to know the beautiful traditions of the nation and for the world to experience China.  Created here are cultural and creative products featuring elements to build a "flowing Imperial Palace," so that people can bring home the beauty of the Imperial Palace. Tan stated, "I believe that the cooperation between Imperial Court Cultural Development Company and Pop Life Global will combine the advantages of the East and the West, blend the advantages of ancient and modern, broaden the cultural vision, enrich the design concept, enhance the production process, open up the internal and external markets, and create one plus one greater than two social and cultural benefits and business efficiency.  These complementary advantages will be the foundation of our strong union."

活动开场,由故宫博物院前党委书记,常务副院长谭斌先生进行致辞,谭斌先生表示,故宫始建于1420年,明年将迎来她六百周年的生日。我们希望通过故宫文化艺术的传播,能帮助中国的后人认识民族的优秀传统,能帮助世界认识中国。因此在故宫开发以故宫文化元素为特征的文创产品,就是想造一座“流动的故宫”,想让百姓能把故宫的美好带回家。相信宫苑公司同Pop Life Global公司的合作,将博采东方与西方之长,融合古代与现代之优,开阔文化视野,丰富设计理念,提升制作工艺,开拓内外市场,创造出一加一大于二的社会文化效益和企业经营效益,定能成为优势互补的强强联合。


Stanley Cheung, former chairman of Disney Greater China and chairman of Cenic Media, said "the cooperation between Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company and Pop Life Global is providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy Chinese court art. Outstanding young creative talents at home and abroad actively participated in the R&D, creative and development process. The most important thing is that this cooperation will let the vast number of tourists at home and abroad feel the beautiful combination of Chinese traditional cultural heritage and modern aesthetics. As the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Imperial Palace will celebrate its 600th anniversary. Pop Life Global is very honored to participate in it and firmly believes that through the joint efforts of the two sides of the Imperial Court Cultural development company, we will be able to bring the profound exposure to Chinese culture and attract the attention of the world."

迪士尼大中华区前主席,世像传媒主席,Pop Life Global主席张志忠(Stanley Cheung)表示,此次北京故宫宫苑与Poplife Global的合作,让在座的每位嘉宾都欣赏到了中国宫廷艺术佳品。同时,国内外优秀的年轻创意人才也积极参与到了此次的研发与开发过程中。最重要的是,此次合作也将让广大海内外游客感受到中国传统文化底蕴与现代审美融合贯通的奇妙之处。故宫作为明,清两代的皇宫,到明年就要迎来建成600周年的重要历史时刻。Pop Life Global非常荣幸可以参与其中,也坚信通过与故宫宫苑双方的共同努力,一定能够将博大精深的中国文化带向世界,受到世人瞩目。


Former CEO of Oriental DreamWorks, and now CEO of Pop Life Global, Guenther Hake, said that during his nearly ten-year career in China, he found the younger generation of Chinese to be passionate about two things: "technology and creativity." For companies like Pop Life Global, "creativity is the lifeblood of the enterprise and the foundation of our success. Currently in the field of creativity, Pop Life Global has collaborated with world-famous artists such as Ron English and Futura, and local Chinese designers such as Andy Chen and Kenneth Tang. Today, PopLife Global will also work together with DC Comics under the world-class Warner Media and places of interest such as the Imperial Palace. Through these collaborations, Pop Life Global hopes to inspire the younger generation in China to better understand the treasures of the Imperial Palace. At the same time, we hope to inspire newfound interest and passion in the profound history and culture of China within the young people of the motherland based on the original precious assets of the Imperial Palace and cutting-edge creativity."

迪士尼大中华区消费品部前高级副总裁,东方梦工厂首任CEO,Pop Life Global现任CEO韩刚先生(Guenther Hake)表示,在近十年的中国工作生涯中,他发现年轻一代尤其是中国的年轻人热衷于2件事情:科技与创新。而对于像Pop Life Global这样的公司来说,创新就是企业的命脉以及走向成功的基石。目前在创新的领域,Pop Life Global已同世界级顶尖艺术家像RonEnglish和Futura与中国本土的设计师诸如ANDY Chen ,Kenneth Tang等进行了合作。而今天,PopLife Global也将携手世界一流华纳媒体旗下的DC漫画以及像故宫这样家喻户晓的名胜古迹共同前进。透过这些产品,Pop Life Global希望能够激发中国年轻一代更好地了解挖掘故宫文化宝藏。与此同时也将基于故宫原有宝贵资产结合时下最前沿的创新将中国博大精深的历史文化传承给祖国的年轻人们。



Ding Yuguang, chairman of Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company LTD (photo)

Mr. Ding Yuguang, Chairman of Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company LTD, said that "the Imperial Palace carried the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, and this splendid cultural history prompted us to communicate, spread and share with others." Therefore, since the establishment of the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company LTD, it has always been adhering to the design and development of the Imperial Palace cultural objectives: 1. Excavating the spiritual connotation of the Imperial Palace culture, integrating modern aesthetics, enabling traditional culture and art to be passed down in contemporary society to carry forward. 2. Interpret the social signals, use our understanding, and reinterpret the works we want to express with the philosophical ideas that are updated continuously in history. 3. Use the model of large industrial production to achieve the purpose of spreading the unique traditional culture more widely. He said, "It is because of this philosophy that this cooperation with Pop Life Global has been achieved. What everyone saw in the Summer Palace today is the initial result of the efforts of the two companies in the past two years to combine the ancient civilization of the East with the contemporary pop culture of the West. We believe that the future cooperation between the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company and Pop Life Global will have a bright future."

北京故宫宫苑文化发展有限公司董事长丁宇光先生表示,故宫承载了中华五千年文明,这样灿烂的文化历史促使我们想去传达、传播、与他人共享。因此,北京故宫宫苑文化发展有限公司自成立之初,在设计开发故宫文化产品上,就始终秉承:1、挖掘故宫文化的精神内涵,融入现代审美,使传统文化艺术在现代社会中得以传承发扬。2、解读文化信号,用我们的理解,用历史不断更新的哲学思想,重新诠释我们所要表达的作品。3、用符合大工业生产的模式以达到更广泛传播优秀传统文化的目的。正是由于这种理念的坚守,成就了这次与Pop Life Global公司的合作。今天大家在颐和园中所看到的,就是两家公司近两年来努力,将东方古老文明与西方潮流文化相结合的初步成果。我们相信,故宫宫苑未来与Pop Life Global的合作一定能有更加光明的前途。


About Pop Life Global

Pop Life Global is a joint venture between Pop Life Entertainment and the Shanghai Cenic Media Co., Ltd.  The focus is on cultural trends of the entertainment industry, to develop music, fan experiences, art exhibitions, and independent films, and provide creative services for related entertainment industry brands. At present, the company has established cooperation with top international artists such as Ron English and Futura, and has made great efforts in creating trend derivatives of toys and apparel series, and is committed to building a new immersive marketing ecology.  At the same time, a series of feature films were produced, including “Underdogs Rising,” "The Free Fall," "Painted Beauty,” and "Infamous Six" in post-production. 

关于Pop Life Global

Pop Life Global是Pop Life Entertainment与上海世像文化传媒有限公司合资成立的公司。重点布局潮流文化娱乐产业,发展音乐、粉丝体验、艺术展览和独立电影等方面的业务,并为相关娱乐产业品牌提供创意服务。目前公司与Ron English,Futura等国际顶级艺术家建立了合作,在创建玩具和服饰系列潮流衍生品等方面全面发力,致力于建立沉浸式的营销新生态。同时,制作了一系列外语故事片,包括正在后期制作中的“Underdogs Rising(屌丝逆袭)”,“The Free Fall (自由落体)”,“Painted Beauty(画蝶)”和“Infamous Six(臭名昭著)”。

About Gu Gong Gong Yuan

Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company LTD is a professional culture company established with the approval of the Palace Museum to develop and produce royal art. Based on design and innovation, the company combines the profound cultural connotation of the Forbidden City, combines the spiritual implication of Chinese traditional culture with modern aesthetics, and spreads the Chinese nation's five thousand years of splendid civilization to the world.The company has produced many classic works and has presented national gifts to US President Clinton, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brazilian President Lula, Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee, and International Olympic Committee President Samaranch.  As a perfect example of a “national guest gift,” the world fashion master and the Chanel art director's collection of Gongyuan products powerfully exemplified the creative theme of combining traditional culture with modern art. Many of the works designed and developed by the company have won the National Gold Award many times, and the “Gongyuan” brand has been greatly respected by society.



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